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It's not because of any sexual prudishness, but because if the guy is alone and drunk (or gives that impression), the girls will hurry over to him to caress, rub him up and whisper sexual innuendos, while stealing his wallet! Looking around, there seems to be a ratio of three Nigerian women to every non-Nigerian on Karl Johans Gate.

So now single guys even have to worry about their wallets, which is why, most men would rather not be in contact with them. Other hookers come from Thailand, Russia and Norway (most of the Norwegians are on drugs).

For their partners, there was the little matter of a “burning sensation of the vagina.” Which leads to another question: Does the spray make sex at all desirable for the other person?

We'll miss being home to millions of wonderfully weird and original videos, creators, and fans.

Prostitution in Norway is illegal in that paying for sex is a crime (the client commits a crime by purchasing sex.

The Norwegian law prohibiting the buying of sexual services (sexkjøpsloven) came into effect on January 1, 2009, following the passing of new legislation by the Norwegian parliament (Storting) in November 2008.

They hang out in groups of two to three and are rather quite aggressive in their soliciting. In fact, some of the African hookers are giving blowjobs for as little as couple of hundred krowns, which is relatively very cheap in this wealthy country.

So you have absurd situation of single men, quickening their pace while passing them on the street, while being cat called or wolf whistled! If you want to get yourself a sexy hooker, then Oslo is the place go! Close to the central station Karl Johans Gate (Oslo's main parade street), Skippergate and Tollbugaten have prostitutes who usually charge 1,500 [kroner] per hour.

The men then logged their intercourse times with a stopwatch.

(During the trial, the men couldn’t masturbate, and could only have sex once a day).


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