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By the age of 28, Carr realized that this dangerous lifestyle would eventually kill her. On a humanitarian mission in Nepal, she held a dying baby in her arms.

Surrounded by starvation and death, she vowed to begin appreciating life and respecting her body.

She relied upon recovery programs, Buddhism, and her own inner strength to re-establish health and self-love.

By learning to eat normally, Carr has now stabilized her weight at a healthy 155 lbs.

The exotic face of Calvin Klein and Guess, she had graced the covers of American Vogue and French Elle, made a notoriously raunchy acting debut in the film Wild Orchid, and was in a headline-grabbing relationship with her co-star, the Hollywood hellraiser Mickey Rourke, 16 years her senior.

In private, the 23-year-old Otis also battled anorexia and drug addiction, was estranged from her family and had endured several brutal sexual assaults.source: es/isidro/publicidad/carre_01another bio of her: source: academic.scranton.edu/.../You may recall seeing pictures of Carr Otis, the beautiful model who graced the covers of such magazines as Elle, Sports Illustrated, and Vogue.In the late 1990's, Carr proudly showed off her size-2 shape for a variety of Calvin Klein ads and swimsuit picture spreads. Inside, she fought an ugly battle with her own self image.In 1991, Otis got a gunshot wound to her shoulder during a visit with Rourke in Santa Fe, New Mexico.She claimed that the .357 Magnum went off when she dropped her purse on a table.I'm working opposite Megan Fox and Eva Green next, and I'm certainly not complaining.Twenty years ago, the supermodel Carré Otis was God’s glamorous gift to the tabloids.She eats a well-balanced, vegetarian diet, maintains an active lifestyle, and accepts her bodys unique strengths.She remembers, "I used to measure how I felt based on what size jean I wore, how skinny I was.And even though he's set to star alongside Hollywood beauties Megan Fox and Eva Green in two forthcoming films, Rourke won't ever be tempted into a romance another movie star.He says, "I don't want to live with an actress again, no matter how they look.


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