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Santa Fe was originally occupied by Pueblo Indians from 1050 to 1607.The conquistador Don Francisco Vasques de Coronado described the Indian settlement in 1540, 67 years before the founding of the city of Santa Fe. On December 21, 1620, 102 disillusioned English puritans sailing on the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock on the eastern shore of Cape Cod Bay in what is now southeast Massachusetts.Between 15 the Spanish tried to settle Florida but all their settlements failed.

In 1610, the English returned to the Indian village and began the construction of Fort Henry and Fort Charles at the mouth of Hampton Creek.

In 1619, the settlers chose an English name for the community, Elizabeth City.

Hampton, Virginia: Located at the tip of the Virginia peninsula on Chesapeake Bay, Hampton, Virginia is the oldest continuously settled English community in the United States.

The Indian village of Kecoughtan, had been visited by English colonists before they sailed up the James River to settle in Jamestown.

But these early colonizers did not live in permanent settlements and left little in the way of permanent buildings.

The Anasazi built towns such as Chetro Ketl, and the great complex of abandoned towns in Chaco Canyon, in what is now New Mexico.The second Governor-General moved his capital south to Santa Fe in 1607 and the city has remained a capital ever since.The city was the capital for the Spanish "Kingdom of New Mexico," and then the Mexican province of Nuevo Mexico, the American territory of New Mexico (which contained modern Arizona and New Mexico) and since 1912 the US state of New Mexico.Mesa Verde is another ancient city that is over a thousand years old and was built by the Pueblo Indians.However, almost all of these ancient pueblos were abandoned and now stand as ruins rather than vibrant cities. Mexico City is probably the oldest city in North America, as a continuation of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán, founded in about 1325. John's, Newfoundland, Canada was settled in 1528, and claims to be the oldest European-settled city in North America. John's earned its name when the explorer John Cabot became the first European to sail into its harbor on the Feast of St. It's also the easternmost city on the North American continent.The settlement became known as Hampton in 1680, and in 1705, Hampton was recognized as a town.Newport News, Virginia: This port of entry city in southeastern Virginia lies on the north side of Hampton Roads at the mouth of the James River.Santa Fe also features the oldest public building in America, the Palace of the Governors.The first Spanish Governor-General of New Mexico established his capital in 1598 at San Juan Pueblo, 25 miles north of modern day Santa Fe.By the end of that winter, half of the pilgrims were dead, including their leader John Carver.The colony continued for a number of decades often close to collapse.


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